Evaluation of Young Parenting Programme

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North Yorkshire County Council
The Council requires the following:
Stage one evaluation
 An evaluability assessment that will clarify the outcomes of the programme and how they are expected to be achieved, including advice on the logic model and development of a theory of change. The assessment will advise and make recommendations about what data collection tools are required in order to be able to evidence whether the programme is having an impact on outcomes
 A process evaluation of the new young parenting programme that is being delivered in North Yorkshire. This will include recommendations about the future developments of the programme
 A proposal on the next steps in evaluating the longer term outcomes of the young parents programme, what methods should be used and the timescales involved. This could include details of potential funding opportunities that could be accessed to enhance stage two of the evaluation in partnership with NYCC.
Stage two evaluation
• A longer term evaluation to assess whether or not the outcomes set out in 1.2 have been achieved and whether the programme is cost effective. The definition of cost effective and how this will be assessed will be discussed and agreed between the Provider and NYCC. This could be part of a bigger evaluation if funding is accessed in addition to the amount allocated to this piece of research
The evaluation should answer the key research question,

‘Does this programme improve defined outcomes for young parents and their children in North Yorkshire?’


Deadline: 14/11/2017

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