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Environmental Education East of England
Environmental Education Provision Fenland District Council invites expressions of interest for the following: Provision of an annual programme of Environmental Education work to take place in the following areas:
• Parish of Elm, Cambridgeshire
• Parish of Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire
• North Ward of March, Cambridegshire

Education can be provided to young people and/or adults and should provide a service beyond that which is already available, for instance the national curriculum.

Companies with experience in the above should express their interest in writing or email by Friday 30th September 2016.

All parties expressing an interest should include:
• A copy of your constitution
• A copy of your safeguarding policy
• A copy of your insurance
• A statement of your accounts
• Your proposal for an environmental educational programme of work.
• Evidence of previous success

£14,200 index linked is available per annum initially for up to 3 years, depending on performance. If more than one bid is received the Council may choose to fund more than one applicant, therefore you should provide a detailed breakdown of cost and project options.

Contact name
Shaun Beales
County Road
Telephone 01354622429
Email procurement@fenland.gov.uk

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