Effective Communication and Media Training

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Effective Communication and Media Training


AHDB employees, farmers and growers are called upon regularly by the press and media to comment on, or provide information, statistics and data about, issues impacting the industry and agriculture in general. The AHDB media and PR team are responsible for relationship building with the press and media and the value derived from well trained and briefed ‘spokespeople/ambassadors’ is well understood.

AHDB is looking to appoint a partner organisation to work with long term to deliver bespoke training. The purpose is personal and professional development, to build awareness, understanding, confidence and up-skill individuals to represent the organisation and/or themselves to communicate, often complex matters in a professional and competent manner. The training must touch on the broad spectrum of skills necessary to meet the needs of the modern media, giving insight to proven approaches and methods to influence coverage and gain positive exposure.



Deadline: 21/08/2017


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