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Education Services Framework
The Royal Parks
The Royal Parks is inviting tenders to set up an Education Services Framework. TRP’s education strategy vision is “To provide unique and creative education opportunities that engage the public and enhance enjoyment and responsible use of the parks” The Supplier must carry out the Services with appropriate skill, care and diligence in accordance with the contract and be available to provide advice and practical support in a number of the following fields:
(i) consultation/facilitation, educational curriculum/ diploma support; and
(ii) events, arts/cultural projects and activities.

Required tasks may include:
a) Facilitation, Consultation, Participation
I. Planning, setting up, facilitating and recording educational activities on any aspect of the current or planned Royal Parks service.
II. All aspects of consultation (both external and internal, and including a variety of approaches) and issues associated with Education Key Stages 1, 2, 3 & 4.
III. Developing programmes of activities aimed at increasing involvement of schools, colleges, universities and other educational facilities.
IV. Facilitating meetings and workshops.
b) Developing/supporting partnerships (i) Building partnerships with other agencies or schools, colleges, universities and other educational facilities, including the provision of support to partnership groups in the early stages of development.
c) Project/Event/Activity Development and Management
I. Developing projects, in particular those requiring collaborative partnerships and/or significant levels of schools involvement.
II. Provision of interim management or other support Services associated with activities in the education sector.
d) Research and Information-collection
I. Undertake research into a variety of topics relating to the education sector and the work of the Royal Parks. Research should include desktop and fieldwork, and the Supplier should be able to work in a variety of methodologies, including interviews, focus groups, questionnaires, aiming to gather data from partners, potential partners, current users, potential and target users of the parks.
II. Preparing supporting information and collecting data required for funding bids or other required reports.
e) Specialist Advice
I. Provide advice on policy, procurement/commissioning and service delivery with respect to the education sector.
II. Prepare reports, strategies, funding bids, etc.
III. Prepare funding bids for specific schemes.
IV. (iv) Prepare reports and strategies associated with the education sector.

Value of contract (£) £95,000

Closing date 25 August 2016

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