East London Work & Health Programme.

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East London Work & Health Programme.

The London Borough of Redbridge

The London Borough of Redbridge (Redbridge) is the Lead Authority and is procuring Work and Health Programme (WHP) services on behalf of itself and the London Boroughs of Bexley, Barking & Dagenham, Bromley, Enfield, Greenwich, Havering, Newham, Waltham Forest (Participating Authorities).

The intention of the WHP services is to support individuals with a disability, who are long term unemployed and some early access groups to find and sustain work. WHP shall replace the services provided under Work Choice and Work Programme. The aim in addition to helping individuals to find work is to integrate WHP with local services and health provisions so the service users receive co-ordinated, holistic support to improve their health and wellbeing, and support the principle of localism by ensuring that it meets local priorities and reflects local needs. The draft specification for the services is included in the Procurement Documents

The Contract is for an initial period of 7 years with a potential extension of up to 2 years at the discretion of the Contracting Authority (which is subject to national policy and DWP proposals).

The Contract Period comprises a referral period of 5 years (subject to the potential extension) followed by a payment tail period of 25 months.


Deadline: 31/03/2017

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