Early Help Families for Change: Family Support Service

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Early Help Families for Change: Family Support Service

Rotherham MBC

Rotherham Borough Council is to commission family support provision to add capacity and align to the Early Help & Family Engagement Service in Rotherham.

Early Help is about identifying needs within families early; and providing support before problems escalate, becoming more complex and costly.  The vision for Rotherham’s Early Help Services is that all agencies work together and share responsibility to ensure that children, young people and families have their needs identified early so that they can receive the swift offer of quality help and support.

The provision to be commissioned will understand and meet the needs of vulnerable families in Rotherham as well as increasing the capacity of the in-house workforce.  There is a commitment that every family will receive a holistic offer of support so that long term, sustainable change can be achieved, which will stop future re-referrals and duplication of work across the system.

To be considered for this Tender you must register on the YORtender system, register an interest in this tender against YORtender reference number ADSH-UACAC3, and return the completed documentation by the deadline of  12 noon Monday 10th October 2016.


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