Dynamic Purchasing System for Alternative Provision

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Dynamic Purchasing System for Alternative Provision

Salford City Council

A Dynamic Purchasing System to allow the Council to issue call-offs for successful providers to bid for specific contracts.

Lot 1

Full-Time Alternative Provision

Provision offered to a pupil for 25 hours a week or more. The provider should be registered as an independent school if providing full-time education to five or more pupils of compulsory school age or one such pupil who is a LAC and/or has an EHCP.

Lot 2

Part-Time Alternative Provision

Educational provision that is delivered to enhance the school curriculum and/or a vocational placement. Provision should be age-appropriate and lead to the achievement of accredited qualifications, academic outcomes and/or vocational skills development.

Lot 3

One-to-one Tutoring

Tutoring provision delivered by qualified teachers to support the school curriculum and/or the specific needs of a pupil. Programmes are usually bespoke and delivered to individuals or very small groups.

Lot 4

Complementary Provision

Bespoke and personalised programmes of proactive support, mentoring and/or coaching, which are offered to pupils to enhance their learning experience and engagement. They will often be used to support or improve behaviour, attendance, and the re-integration of pupils into mainstream schools.


Deadline: 31/03/2019

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