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Dynamic Purchasing System for the Provision of Work Focused Activities Central England Proof of Concept Provision
In order to gain accreditation onto the DPS, potential Suppliers must be capable of delivering at least one work focused activity in one or more of the following categories. For clarity, each sub-heading under ‘Addressing Barriers’ is a category in its own right:
• Engagement
• Establishing Need/Identifying Barriers
• Moving Towards Work
• Addressing Barriers
o Entrenched Worklessness
o Literacy, Numeracy & Language
o Debt and Money Management
o Homelessness
o Offending Issues
o Health & Disability Issues (including mental health issues)
o Drug/Alcohol/Substance Abuse Issues
o Learning Difficulties
o Caring Responsibilities (in receipt of Carers Allowance)
• Skills for Work
• Getting a Job
• Keeping a Job

The DPS will operate across Central England, which is made up of the following Districts:
• Birmingham and Solihull
• Black Country
• East Anglia
• Leicestershire and Northamptonshire
• Mercia
• Midland Shires
• Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire & Rutland

The financial value of each contract called off the DPS will be limited to a maximum of £499,999.00


Deadline: 31/03/2016

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