Development of National Occupational Standards, SVQs and Apprenticeships in Childcare & Education

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Development of National Occupational Standards, SVQs and Apprenticeships in Childcare & Education

UK Commission For Employment And Skills


Strong vocational education and training systems are key to improving growth in our economy, productivity in our workplaces and opportunities for individuals to access good jobs.

Strong vocational systems start with nationally recognised industry led standards. National Occupational Standards (NOS) are the raw material on which high quality apprenticeship frameworks, qualifications and vocational study programmes are built. They give confidence to employers that apprentices are following training that will lead them to full industry competence, and that qualified new recruits will have had a similar grounding wherever they have trained. To individuals they offer a guarantee that their apprenticeship and/or qualification will result in the recognition they deserve and the breadth of skills they need to develop their career with an employer, change jobs within an industry, or move across industries.

So high quality National Occupational Standards, Apprenticeship frameworks and qualifications are important tools in achieving well qualified, competent and productive people.

An essential part of having the right tools is having the right partners to work with to ensure delivery of world class products. We need to work with the best Suppliers we can find to ensure we have the right products, in the right place, at the right time.

Documents available at provides you with all the guidance, information and application forms you need to become a Supplier for NOS, Apprenticeship/Modern Apprenticeship Frameworks and Scottish Vocational Qualifications. It sets out the role of Standards and Frameworks, why we need world class Suppliers and what you need to have and do to become one. We tell you what is needed to prepare and submit a tender including timescales and how we will assess your response.

Deadline: 16/09/2016

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