Delivery of Cyber Resilience Training Course

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Delivery of Cyber Resilience Training Course

Ministry of Defence, C&C, HOCS

The importance of cyber security resilience and the vulnerability of a range of countries across Europe and Central Asia to both state & non-state based cyber threats have become increasingly clear in MOD’s defence engagement over the past year. In the Western Balkans especially, recent high level political engagement has raised concerns that hostile states may seek to exploit inadequate or non-existent cyber security infrastructure for its own political ends. Indeed, in Montenegro, the penetration & deactivation of the MoD’s IT systems formed part of an alleged coup attempt against the incumbent government in 2016.
Our cyber security engagement in the Western Balkans, Central Asia & South Caucasus are therefore primarily a resilience building exercise. From the relatively low starting point in cyber security resilience this training initiative will aim to support the targeted countries (Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Georgia, Albania, Macedonia, and Kazakhstan) in: building a solid knowledge base of cyber threats; putting in place robust cyber security strategies; & showcase UK best practice. This will all be achieved with a view to developing a longer-term cyber security relationship with the region.
Objectives – To provide the training course delegates with a clear understanding of how an effective cyber organisation works through sharing UK best practice.
To ensure delegates understand how and what type of cyber-attacks occur, the impacts they have, and how to protect and build resilience into their infrastructure.
To ensure delegates recognise the value of a cyber security strategy and how best to develop and implement such a strategy.
Provide Wider Europe Policy (WEP) with recommendations for how each country can best take forward cyber resilience plans.
Details -The course will last for 5 days, for up to ten countries, Each country will be limited to 2 delegates (military &/or civilian). Course will be delivered in English.
The targeted countries will be at different levels of building their cyber resilience.There should be a significant practical element to the course, ideally whereby participants can work on a scenario devised by the provider, potentially in the form of a wargame. English will not be the first language of the delegates so it will be important that the course is delivered in an interactive, hands-on manner to enable the delegates to fully engage in the course.
In addition to delivering the actual course, time will be required to develop & confirm the course content & produce appropriate materials. The date for the course is still tbc – likely to be in early Jan 18. Venue – still tbc preferred Defence Academy, Shrivenham.

Deadline: 29/09/2017

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