Delivery of a bespoke training programme for “Transforming Archives: Bridging the Digital Gap” Traineeships

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TNA seeks to commission a suitably experienced Trainer to deliver the face-to-face elements of a training programme to the Transforming Archives: Bridging the Digital Gap trainees. The Trainer will also deliver an individual training session to the supervisors and mentors who be working with these trainees throughout their placements.
The programme will run from October 2018 – December 2021 and in this time:
• 3 cohorts of 8 trainees will each attend 6 face to face sessions; and
• 3 groups of 10 supervisors/mentors will each attend 1 face to face session
The material consists of some review and recapping of a supporting e-learning programme which covers digital archiving skills (this material has been written and a login to the e-learning platform on which it is hosted will be made available to the Trainer, once appointed through this procurement process). However, the primary focus of the face-to-face sessions will be to develop ‘soft-skills’ including awareness of workplace behaviours, customer service skills and development of job-hunting and application skills.

The sessions with hosts and line managers will focus on enabling those recruiting for digital archive trainees to consider the role of unconscious bias on individual behaviours and the impact is has on our ability to create an open, fair and inclusive workplace culture and developing their ability of supporting their trainees through the programme. These sessions will also provide an overview of the material which the trainees will be covering over their 15 month traineeships.

Deadline: 07/06/2018

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