Delivering new apprenticeships standards – ETF Feb/Mar Workshops

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Delivering new apprenticeships standards

This package of support includes a one day workshop and offers you the opportunity to learn and discuss about the new apprenticeship standards and the transition from the existing frameworks. It will support you in the implementation and delivery of the new employer-led apprenticeships.
New apprenticeships are based on standards designed by employers to meet their needs, the needs of their sector(s) and the economy more widely. These standards, replace existing frameworks and describe the skills, knowledge and behaviour required to undertake a specific occupation well, and to operate confidently within a sector.

During the workshop, you will hear from people directly involved in the trailblazer process of implementing the new apprenticeship standards and you will be able discuss about the transition from the current framework with colleagues from other providers.

Workshops in February & March 2016 will be available shortly.

Who is this for?
You should be accountable for engaging with employers and/ or apprenticeship curriculum development, for example in the role of Director or Head of Apprenticeship/ Work-based learning.

The workshop may not be appropriate if you are a trainer or assessor as it will require an understanding of your organisation’s strategic plans for apprenticeships.

Training aim
To offer you the knowledge to develop and implement your organisation’s plans to move from a curriculum that is based on existing apprenticeship frameworks to one based on new atandards, taking into account and managing potential implications.

Learning outcomes
You will be able to explain the apprenticeship reforms to colleagues and lead the process of action planning for implementation within your organisation.

Length of the programme
Pre-work (1-2 hours)
1 day workshop
Action planning as required for the individual and organisation
1 hour follow up call
1 hour web seminar

If you have any questions, please contact:

T: 020 8253 8246 E:

Further information here

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