Deliver Leadership Development Programme – very short deadline

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Deliver Leadership Development Programme

Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

A Leadership development programme designed to target the CTL role.

Established organisation that has worked with the NHS before and understands the front line demands. Facilitators of the programme therefore need to understand and have experience of healthcare to help CTL’s develop a greater understanding of their role and their leadership requirements within the context of the NHS and our organisation


  • Ability to provide an in house programme in Norfolk/Suffolk
  • Ability to develop modules with NSFT to meet specific organisational needs
  • Variety of learning methods including action learning sets, coaching, group discussion, 360 assessment, project/presentation based on organisational need e.g. QI
  • Ability to evaluate the individual delegate prior to and after the programme, to include assessment of attitudes and behaviours


Development Programme to include:

  • Understanding clinical and team leadership role within the context of the organisation and the wider NHS
  • Managing pressures and demands in a clinical setting (community and ward based)
  • How to effectively lead teams from different professional backgrounds
  • Understanding and implementing CQC actions including motivating team to achieve shared goals
  • Understanding quality improvement and their role within it. Identifying, implementing and sustaining improvements
  • Coaching individuals and teams
  • Effective Performance management and how to develop and lead highly effective teams
  • Effective engagement methods
  • Having confident conversations
  • Role modelling, understanding their personal impact and influence
  • Effective Workforce planning


Deadline: 22/09/2017


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