DCLG revision of the National ESIF Procurement Guidelines.

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Please note that DCLG has recently revised the National ESIF Procurement Guidelines.

The national ESIF procurement requirements have been amended (version 5) and changes made to Chapter 6, in particular the National Rules section.  The previous version (v4) of the requirements, issued in December 2016, included a new paragraph at section 25 about delegated grant schemes; this has now been removed, which means that when the national rules apply to a contract, the requirements in the table at section 23 need to be followed.  The aim of this change is to ensure simplification by applying the same requirements for everyone following the national rules. These changes are effective from the date of publish and are not retrospective.

DCLG has also reorganised the ESIF webpages on Gov.uk where you can find programme guidance, forms, publicity and performance information.

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