CYP Young Carers’ Service in Lancashire

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CYP Young Carers’ Service in Lancashire
Lancashire County Council
The Service will ensure Young Carers are identified and have access to an assessment or re-assessment that fulfils the statutory duties of LCC. Assessed CYP will have access to support, tailored information and advice and targeted group activities which focus on the child but also take a ‘whole family’ approach working with other agencies, including VCFS Early Help providers, schools, further education establishments and health. The level of service provided will be dependent on the assessment of needs within the family, their motivation to engage and will take into account other support and services already involved.

The Service will include the provision of:

i. Information, representation, support and advocacy to Young Carers.

ii. Group and one to one interventions that are age appropriate – addressing the needs and wants of Young Carers and Young Adult Carers.

iii. Training and awareness raising about Young Carers including sharing referral routes and step up / down pathways.

iv. Partnership working, including whole family approaches – to advocate for the whole family at both policy and service level, as well as at an individual level, identifying care needs of Young Carers, parenting needs; and reduce or prevent levels of inappropriate care by the child/children. This will include focusing on transitions, Schools, CAF/other Social Care Assessment processes.

v. Effective signposting to other support services where required, including to universal provision for those assessed as thriving.

Deadline: 03/11/2017

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