Contract for Rough Sleepers Outreach Service

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Contract for Rough Sleepers Outreach Service
Ealing Council

Ealing Council is a London Borough Council, in the west of London, with a diverse population of almost 350,000. There are pockets of deprivation in the Borough and a shortage of affordable housing has had a major impact. Ealing borough has a high level of rough sleeping, currently the 7th highest in London. Around two-thirds of our rough sleepers are non-UK nationals, often with no eligibility for public funds. Around one-third are UK nationals, many of whom have some kind of connection to the area. Ealing Council is looking for a provider who can deliver an effective outreach service for rough sleepers in our borough. The service is for those who are bedded down, or clearly about to bed down, in public or private open spaces (other than designated sites); spaces like stairwells, porches, unconverted garages and untaxed or unroadworthy vehicles.

Deadline: 02/09/2016

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