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Computer Based Skills Testing


This is in the early stage of development and judging interest from potential suppliers.

The Standards and Testing Agency wish to procure a Test Delivery Service and associated development processes to support the Professional Skills Test for Prospective Teachers. The Service will incorporate delivering the Skills Test, supporting the development of test content and analysing and delivering reports required by the Department for Education and other external stakeholders.
The Standards and Testing Agency is responsible for the delivery of the Professional Skills Tests for Prospective Teachers on behalf of the Department for Education. The Tests play a vital role in ensuring the Government’s commitment to the recruitment of capable high quality Teachers and they are required to be accessible to Prospective Teachers on a continual basis.
The requirement is for a computer based testing service delivered across a network of test centres across the United Kingdom (currently 50, mainly in England but with testing also taking place in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) and potentially abroad. Regionally based testing centres across the UK will be required. The solution must include an online candidate management system for prospective teachers to book and pay for tests and a telephone enquiry line to support those prospective teachers requiring special arrangements. The solution should also include a results supply system that prospective teachers and Initial Teacher Training providers can access to check exam results.
Also required is a process for user acceptance testing for all solutions. Additionally, systems for providing secure transfer of test data and reporting as well as hosting practice tests, both online and downloadable, will need to be delivered. Test and item management processes will be required along with the ability to migrate all test content, results and records, practice tests and other non-live tests using industry standard formats.

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