Community Based Support Service

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Community Based Support Service

South Gloucestershire Council

Tenders are invited from providers who wish to provide Community Based Support Services within 6 geographical areas called Clusters on behalf of South Gloucestershire Council from 9th April 2018. The contract is for a four year period, but there is an option for the Council to extend the Contract period for up to three further years.


This specification is for community based support which is support in a person’s home or 1:1 support to access the community, including 24 hour live-in support, but excludes specialist Learning Difficulties and Mental Health support services. However, as with the previous operating model, where people’s LD or MH conditions are mild enough such that universal services can support their needs rather than specialist support services, such cases will fit within the commissioned services.


Services commissioned within this contract will be for service users and their carers who meet the criteria for Social care, or a Health funded service for Continuing Health Care


Deadline: 03 July 2017

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