Chief executives at the largest charities paid an average of £155,000

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The median salary of the chief executives at the largest 100 charities in the UK has risen slightly to £155,000, according to the latest survey from Charity Finance.

Charity Finance, published by Civil Society Media, found that the median remuneration package for chief executives at organisations in the Charity 100 Index was £155,000 in the past year – up from £150,000 when the survey was last published two years ago. This is broadly in line with inflation.

The full report has been published online and features in the September issue of the magazine.

Meanwhile, the mean remuneration for a boss at one of the largest 100 charities is £178,000, which is the same as was reported in the last survey in 2017. This figure is inflated by a few very high earners, mostly at medical charities.

Highest paid individuals

The highest paid chief executive once again was Steve Gray of Nuffield Health, who earned between £840,000 and £850,000. This is around £80,000 more than he was earning at the time of the 2017 survey.

The top ten earners are as follows:

  1. Steve Gray, Nuffield Health. Pay range: £840,000-£850,000.
  2. Jeremy Farrar, Wellcome Trust. Pay: £456,000.
  3. Simon Cooke, Marie Stopes International. Pay: £435,000.
  4. Al Russell, London Clinic Trustees. Pay range: £420,000-£430,000.
  5. Sir Paul Nurse, Francis Crick Institute. Pay range: £380,000-£390,000.
  6. Kate Hampton, Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (UK). Pay range: £324,000-£334,000.
  7. Gordon Marshall, Leverhulme Trust. Pay range: £310,000-£320,000.
  8. Alex Beard, Royal Opera House Covent Garden. Pay: £292,000.
  9. Katie Fisher, St Andrew’s Healthcare. Pay range: £250,000-£300,000.
  10. Cheryl Giovannoni, Girls’ Day School Trust. Pay range: £260,000-270,000.

The Consumers’ Association, trading as Which?, did not reveal what their current chief executive Anabel Hoult is being paid. But according to the charity’s accounts for the year to June 2018, her predecessor Peter Vicary-Smith was paid £494,000 during the year, and will receive £331,000 in termination and redundancy costs.

By way of comparison, ACEVO’s Pay and Equalities Survey 2019 found the average salary of a chief executive of a charity of any size was £52,000, about a third of the figure for those leading the largest 100 charities.

Meanwhile, the FTSE 100 chief executives earned a median income of £3.46m in 2018, according to the latest Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development data, more than 22 times the average earnings for a top-100 charity chief executive.

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