Call for London Work and Health Programme Partners

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Call for London Work and Health Programme Partners

Blue Sky is an award-winning social enterprise working with ex-offenders. It employs over 200 ex-offenders a year providing real work opportunities. Blue Sky reduces re-offending by up to 23% according to the Ministry of Justice, one of the highest performing interventions on record, and over 40% of our leavers move to permanent positions.

We are seeking supply chain or consortia opportunities in London for the Work and Health Programme.

Building on our significant achievements to date, we are proud to launch a new initiative, Blue Sky Works, which aims to support ex-offenders across London to find jobs, careers, and fulfilling, crime-free lives for themselves and their families.

Delivered in partnership with our parent company Rapt, Blue Sky Works will:

  • Engage, motivate and build relationships of trust with ex-offenders when they leave prison, through drop-in hubs across the city
  • Deliver training on soft skills (the attitudes and behaviours that employers demand) and vocational courses to address London’s skills gaps
  • Offer direct employment through Blue Sky Agency, and through our brokerage service
  • Provide an in-work support team, including people with lived experience of the criminal justice system

Blue Sky Works is informed by over 12 years’ experience as a direct employer of ex-offenders, working in partnership with national and local employers. We’ll help keep London ticking over, while offering a step on the ladder, to people with a criminal record who otherwise struggle for a second chance in life. Crucially, it’s a ladder that leads upwards. It’s our ABC principle: Any Job, Better Job, Career.

To explore how your organisation or consortia could benefit from Blue Sky’s offer in the London Work and Health Programme please contact Kate Markey on and visit Blue Sky at


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