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Business Impact Challenge

The Business Impact Challenge has been established to appeal to those who are active within the UK’s corporate industries, in union with the country’s community, charitable, and social enterprise sectors. The aim is that by working together, these sectors will generate solutions to some of the most notable social issues prevailing in society at the current time.

The programme provides an opportunity for businesses to invest in social activities that can in turn impact their profitability as well as accessing new markets, products, services and technologies that complement their strategic priorities. The charitable and social enterprises working alongside will have the opportunity to access the capital and business acumen of the corporate world in order to deliver scale and greater impact to their social projects.

Businesses can drive their own growth by addressing and investing in social challenges. An enterprise that identifies and invests in social business opportunities allows companies to attract and retain socially motivated so-called ‘intrapreneurs’ with compelling business ideas.

The Business Impact Challenge will provide match funding for a private sector company towards a large investment proposal that can generate strong corporate and social value in the UK. The winner of the Challenge will be required offer the soft skills of a company to drive commercial and social impact.

The deadline for submissions is 1 September 2016

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