Brecks LEADER Programme 2015-2020

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Brecks LEADER Programme 2015-2020

Brecks LEADER Programme 2015-2020 is provided by Defra with funding from the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) and is delivered on their behalf by Brecks Local Action Group (LAG).

The UK Government’s focus for the next Rural Development Programme is on jobs and growth with the following sectors being priority areas for support nationally through the next LEADER programme:

Support for increasing farm productivity.

Support for micro and small enterprises and farm diversification.

Support for rural tourism.

Provision of rural services.

Support for cultural and heritage activity.

Support for increasing forestry productivity.

Deadline(s): Second 2017 Outline Applications Submission Deadline: 22 June 2017; Third 2017 Outline Applications Submission Deadline: 7 September 2017

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