Bid and Tender Specialist Business Advisor

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Bid and Tender Specialist Business Advisor

Wirral Chamber of Commerce

The five Liverpool City Region Local Authorities and Liverpool Vision came together with the Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership and a number of Chambers of Commerce to form a consortium to bid for European funding under Priority Axis 3: Enhancing the Competitiveness of SMEs’. The resulting business support programme, Liverpool City Region Integrated Business Support (LCRIBS), will provide a range of fully funded business support services designed to build both the capacity and confidence within SMEs reluctant to engage with existing business support providers due to either lack of knowledge and understanding or simply because they are reluctant to pay for, or do not perceive the value of, existing commercial provision.

The Project will provide participating SMEs with the following demonstrable outputs:

  • An intensive Business Diagnostic undertaken by suitably experienced Wirral Chamber of Commerce, LCRIBS Advisors.
  • An Action Plan for Growth focused upon the initial steps that a company must take, or the issues that the SME must address, to realise sustainability and growth.
  • The provision of a dedicated contact person within Wirral Chamber of Commerce, who will initially work with the company to begin the process of delivering the Action Plan for Growth but who will support the company with any other elements of their development. Critically, that person will, wherever practical, remain a constant in the life of the business.
  • The provision… capacity, expertise or resources to begin the initial roll-out of their individual Action Plan for Growth.
  • Support will be tailored to meet the needs of each individual SME and will focus upon the fundamental elements which businesses must have in place in order to be firstly, sustainable and secondly, to grow.
  • Intensive support will be delivered by suitably experienced Wirral Chamber of Commerce, LCRIBS Advisors and suitably experienced, competitively procured, external specialist consultants.

In summary, the provision of the LCRIBS fully funded service will provide a valuable resource which will act as a pathway and catalyst for businesses in order that they are able to establish the financial and strategic foundations for future investment in their own sustainability and development. The Wirral element of LCRIBS is contracted to deliver the following outputs: Output Target -No. Of Enterprises receiving support (C1)166 -No. Enterprises receiving information, diagnostic and brokerage support (P13)183 -Employment increase in support of enterprises (C8) 103 Wirral Chamber of Commerce requires a Bid and Tender Specialist Business Advisor to support Wirral SMEs based on a diagnostic report produced by a Wirral Chamber of Commerce, LCRIBS Advisor. The areas of support required includes, but is not limited to the following: -Bid/Tender Planning -Bid/Tender Management -Bid/Tender Editing -Bid/Tender Presentation -Bid/Tender Production -Bid/Tender Review

Contract start date 24 May 2016

Contract end date 30 September 2018

Closing date 04 May 2016

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