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Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council
Notice of Tender for entry onto the Barnsley Council Assessed Provider List for vulnerable adults including but not limited to:
· Physical Disability and Sensory Impairment
· Mental Health Issues
· Autism
· Learning Disability
Due to new contract regulations we are now required to keep the tender open for the remaining period up until March 2019; this will allow new entrants to apply during this period. Applications will be processed on a regular basis.

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council (BMBC) is inviting expressions of interest from suitably qualified providers to tender for inclusion on to the Council’s assessed provider list to offer:
· Opportunities for Social Inclusion and Community Participation including vocational and employment support that contributes to people being enabled to live an ordinary life. They are services for disabled people and vulnerable adults including but not limited to people with Autism, Physical Disability, Learning Disability and Mental Health Issues.

In order that the Council meet its obligations to supply information and advice to:
· Self funders
· Those in receipt of a Direct Payment(DP)/Individual Budget (IB)
· Support brokerage of services in order to meet assessed need

This is an opportunity for providers who can deliver flexible, personalised outcome focused services which are of a high quality to be included onto the already established ‘Assessed List’.
Providers are asked to express their interest in providing flexible services that offer choice and opportunities to adults age 18+ to support an ordinary life.
The Council is interested in a range of services for self funders, IB and DP for early intervention and prevention which may be paid for by the individual or through other means.

This list is not intended to include regulated activity or services as there are other mechanisms in place through which the Council procures these services.
· Acceptance onto the assessed list is not a guarantee of work.
· A provider can only provide services to individuals on a ‘virtual’ budget (services purchased by the council on behalf of an individual) if they have successfully completed and passed the full tender process.
· Providers already providing services to individuals on a virtual budget but are not on the assessed list will not be able to accept any new pieces of work (other than where the individual is a self funder or in receipt of a Direct Payment) until they have successfully completed and passed the full tender process.

Expression of interest end date: 29/03/2019

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