Barclays launches guide to teach children about giving to charity

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Barclays has launched a new guide to philanthropy which aims to encourage people to have conversations with their families about charitable giving.

The report Future giving: engaging the next generation gives guidance on how to “help shape the world of philanthropy for ages 5 – 25”. It also contains two case studies, as well as other resources for further information.

The bank said it created the guide for its clients to response to the many conversations it has had on how they can involve their families in their giving.

Emma Turner, head of Barclays Private Bank Philanthropy Service, said: “It’s never too early to start a conversation with your family about giving to charity. The conversation you have needs to match your children’s age and you should tailor your conversation according to what they can understand.

“It’s great to start this early as thinking about these things can help widen their horizons, help them develop a social conscience and learn the value of money.”

Younger generations giving more to charity

The guide follows research from Barclays produced in April which found that people in the 35 to 54 age group gave most on average to charity last year. This goes against common assumptions that the older generation are most generous than the younger generations.

The report The future of giving: How our donation habits are changing, and what charities can do about it also found that the nest highest donation value came from the under-35s.

It found that 55 per cent of younger people are more likely to donate to charity than they were three years ago.

It also found that, on average, those aged 35 to 54 year olds gave £265 a year, whole those aged 55+ gave over £168.

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