Awards 2017 “Valuing the expertise of people living with dementia”

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Awards 2017 “Valuing the expertise of people living with dementia”


EFID launched a new call for awards “Valuing the expertise of people living with dementia”, to support 10 organisations up to €10.000.
The goal of the prize is to promote, make known and disseminate projects aiming at creating the conditions and the opportunities for:
• Listening to people with dementia, valuing their expertise and empowering them as individuals living with the condition;
• Respecting the dignity, autonomy and the right of self-determination of people with dementia at all stages of dementia;
• Supporting people living with moderate and/or severe dementia to express their own interests and wishes regarding treatment and care;
• The emergence of a stronger voice and participation of people with dementia at all levels (eg. within their personal life, in a city or neighbourhood, in a hospital, in the community, in a nursing/care home);
• The organization and support of peer-support groups of people living with dementia.

The application and selection process will take place in two steps:

The applicant should submit a short concept note by 28th May 2017, via a template that can be downloaded below. As well as giving a short description of the project proposal, this concept note requires the applicant to provide evidences of the actions they propose. The concept note can be written in the language of the applicant.

Second, applicants whose projects have been shortlisted will be invited to submit a full application in September 2017.

Deadline: 28th May 2017

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