Appointment to a Framework Agreement

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Appointment to a Framework Agreement

Carlisle City Council

Carlisle City Council supports learning and development by providing guidance, advice and training opportunities to all staff.

This learning and development initiative is fully supported throughout the Council and the primary goal is to produce an evolving and sustainable learning and development programme which will support all staff and members.


Initially the Programme will focus on:-


LOT 1 – Staff Development

In the past we have provided bite size, half day and full day workshops, the shorter sessions being preferred.  These have been based on staff needs including subjects such as:

Managing Personal Performance and Resilience

Effective, Smarter Service Delivery

Making Things Happen


LOT 2 – Management Development

Previous Management workshops provided have been:

Building Motivated Teams

Managing & Supporting Your People

Success Through Situational Leadership


Coaching Programme

Individuals – 6 sessions over 6 months – can increase to 12 if required.  To assist individuals to develop coping mechanisms for effective performance and individual development.

Team Coaching – full day – as required to meet the needs of the team, improving team dynamics and service delivery


Tenders must be submitted by 12 noon on 07/07/2017 and submitted via The Chest at

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