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Ambitious Communities

Islington Council

Ambitious Communities is about social action that identifies and uses the resources and skills of young people and the communities they live in to bring about positive change. Ambitious Communities funding will support asset based approaches that draw on and help young people realise their potential and strengthen relationships in local communities. Through social action young people can take practical steps to create positive change of benefit to the wider community as well as themselves. Ambitious Communities programmes support young people to play a more active role within their local community and through participating, develop social and personal skills. Programmes and activities delivered by a range of organisations will help address negative perceptions of young people and influence the way different groups are viewed, benefiting young people and the families and communities of which they are a part. Unlike targeted work, it provides an approach which can increase understanding between residents of different ages and backgrounds, while increasing co-operation and greater tolerance.

The council is interested in providers with experience of, and the ability to, develop programmes with young people, which help bring people together to tackle a particular issue or make an improvement to an area. Proposals should have a clearly identified purpose and be able to describe outcomes for young people as well as the wider community. Organisations should identify the approach to be taken to ensure effective engagement of young people and other stakeholders at all stages of the social action project. Any additional resources whether financial or non-financial that may contribute to its success should also be identified. Organisations should have robust planning, delivery, review and evaluation systems and identify how young people will be engaged at all stages.

Deadline: 12/05/2017

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