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Alternative Provision Catalogue
South Gloucestershire Council

The Council is establishing a prequalified list to govern the provision of alternative education packages for children and young people across the Key Stage levels and young adults up to the age of 25 with additional social and emotional needs. This single point document will be used by the Local Authority (Social Workers, SEN workers etc) and Education (Schools) and will include details of organisations who provide alternative provision services for students at risk of exclusion, or who need additional support or intervention beyond the school; including the programme overview, age range, service user description, cost, duration etc.

Organisations are invited to apply to be included in the Alternative Provision Catalogue. All applications received will be fully evaluated and where they successfully demonstrate they meet the required standards, they will be invited to be included in the document. Schools and the Local Authority will then be able to choose an organisation and education package from the list that is best suited to an individual’s needs.

Deadline: 22/04/2016

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