Alternative Dispute Resolution Training Services

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Alternative Dispute Resolution Training Services
University Of The West Of England

***Documents not yet available*** these will be Published in September 2016. In the meantime please express interest via the In-Tend Portal (https://in

UWE Bristol has for several years successfully offered professional postgraduate law courses for those students wishing to become solicitors (the Law Professional Training Course (the “LPC”)) and for those students wishing to become barristers (the Bar Professional Training Course (the “BPTC”)). Each of these courses is offered on a full and part time basis.

Since 2009 UWE Bristol has offered further professional training through an external accredited third party organisation in order for students to become an Accredited Mediator. This is to enhance their CV and prepare them for practice, as over the past 30 years mediation has become the preferred mechanism for settling civil, business, workplace and employment disputes. As such, clients are looking to their advisors to be able to advise or mediate in this way as an alternative to litigation.

UWE Bristol wants to ensure that its students have the skills required in the legal workplace to be able to meet this challenge. UWE Bristol is therefore seeking an external third party Supplier (“the Provider”) to enter into a contract to provide services in the form of an Accredited Mediation Course (“the Course”).
Approach to market date 01 September 2016

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