ADHD & Autism Support and Training

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ADHD & Autism Support and Training

Harrow Council

The Authority is conducting the procurement using an open procedure for the purpose of procuring the ADHD & Autism Support and Training services.

The difficulties faced by children and young people with ADHD and/or Autism impact on their entire family. Parents and carers are not always aware of how best to support their child with autism and/or ADHD and can be faced with increasingly challenging behaviour, ranging from a child and/or young person being reclusive and afraid to leave the home, to withdrawing from the family and being led by peers into destructive behaviours in the community. Often parents have to deal with being physically attacked because their child is struggling to understand and manage their frustrations and emotions. They also have to cope with siblings potentially feeling that their needs are less important whilst the parents struggle to meet the demands of the child with additional needs.

As well as challenges at home, parents have to deal with feeling judged and excluded by a society that doesn’t understand these conditions. This service will therefore focus on providing support to parents to help them understand their child’s condition and the best way to address their needs. It will also provide training to Social Care staff to ensure they recognise ADHD and/or Autism amongst the families they work with, the referral pathways and the support that the service can provide to the parents where pre-diagnosis and where there has been an ADHD/Autism diagnosis.

Deadline: 28/04/2017

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