£18m Circular Economy Fund (Scotland)

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£18m Circular Economy Fund (Scotland)

Zero Waste Scotland has launched a new £18m fund to help small and medium-sized enterprises explore and pioneer ways to develop a circular economy.

The Circular Economy Investment Fund will operate between 2026 -18 and aims to accelerate the development of business innovation, including support for developing new technologies and the infrastructure needed for a more circular economy which could mean sharing, leasing or takeback models, encouraging repair or new recycling ideas. A circular economy is based on finding high value uses for materials and keeping materials in productive use for as long as possible, instead of simply using and discarding them. The fund will be open to applications from small and medium sized enterprises; business support organisations and not-for profit organisations. The focus is on commercial and industrial sectors which are:

  • The bio economy (food and drink)
  • Built environment (construction and demolition)
  • Energy infrastructure (oil and gas decommissioning, renewables, transmission).

There will also be funding available for key activities such as reuse, remanufacturing, repair and reprocessing.

There is a two stage application process and stage one applications can be submitted at any time.


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