East Essex Vocational Training Limited (EEVT) was founded in 1999 by Steve Lawrence and Lisa Caley and provides a range of advisory services tailored to your specific needs and across the whole spectrum of business development. Based in the East of England, our client base extends across the whole of the UK and we work across all markets and sectors. We have a particular focus on welfare to work and skills and training and can support organisations with bids, grant applications and any strategic development or funding queries as well as assessment, centre accreditation and quality assurance.

Our affordable services are aimed at businesses, both new and existing, lacking in time or resources to market themselves, build on their brand, business development and bottom line. Contact us at steve@eevt.org or 07522 386235 to see how we can help you to drive your business forward and achieve your goals for 2016 and for the future of your business.

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